Join the best team in healthcare.

Rebuilding healthcare is hard work. That’s why we’re looking for people who bring the best of themselves to everything they do. Because we’re here to make an impact for our patients and the communities we serve. 

We care about our employees as much as our patients. That’s why we offer our employees an excellent comprehensive, and flexible total rewards package.

We seek out those who have a variety of backgrounds and experiences, as we recognize the importance to cultivate an open and inclusive environment for everyone.

Whether you’re a current or a future employee, we aim to provide developmental opportunities to advance you to your next career goal.

What it means to be Oaky.

All Oakies are mission-driven individuals who strive to go above and beyond to support their coworkers and our patients. We work as a team and across disciplines to rebuild healthcare as it should be.

We’re driven to provide the best healthcare experience our patients have ever had. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their well-being.

We invest in innovation, access and new services to push primary care to new frontiers. This helps us provide outstanding care to all our patients.

Our mission is too important to have small goals. We learn from failure and push ourselves, and each other, to continually improve, collaborate and innovate.

Rebuilding healthcare is hard work. At Oak Street Health, we make things happen, and will move mountains for our patients and teammates. We work collaboratively to develop durable solutions that improve care. We are relentlessly driven to create a better future for our patients and the communities we serve.

Positive energy inspires the best in ourselves and our co-workers. People with positive energy are fun to work with and find joy working on our most ambitious goals.

We strive to embody trust, empathy and integrity. We communicate with candor, provide direct feedback and expect the same of our colleagues.

Meaningful careers for healthcare providers.

Feel empowered to put patients first. Learn why 95% of our providers would recommend Oak Street Health to other clinicians.

Open roles at Oak Street Health.

Every Oaky has an impact on the lives of our patients. Join our roster of talented Oakies looking to help rebuild healthcare as it should be. We’re hiring for roles in 9+ states across the United States.

We’re rebuilding healthcare as it should be.

Since our founding in 2012, our mission has been to build a primary care delivery platform that directly addresses rising costs and poor outcomes, two of the most pressing challenges facing the United States healthcare industry.

Common questions

  • How should I submit my resume?

    View our full list of current opportunities.

    From there, you will be able to review all job descriptions and apply to any openings that you are interested in. It is preferred that you submit a PDF version of your resume during the application process.

  • I just submitted my application, what can I expect?

    Once you submit your information, it is shared with the appropriate recruiting professional. They then compare your skills and experience with the requirements of the position for which you have applied, as well as any other listed position. We aim to respond to everyone within 3-4 weeks. At that time, we’ll let you know if we’d like to speak with you, need more information, or if your application isn’t a fit for what we’re looking for at the time.

  • I am interested in a couple of locations. Can I apply to multiple locations?

    Yes, you can individually apply to any and all positions/locations that you are interested in. Please keep in mind that you will only be considered for one position at a time. View a full list of our locations.

  • What is the interview process like at Oak Street Health?

    As it is one of our goals at Oak Street to create an unmatched patient experience, it is also our goal to deliver the best interview experience for all candidates. Depending on the position, it may involve taking an assessment or completing phone, in-person, or video interviews. Once the interview process has begun, we make it a priority for candidates to meet with multiple individuals on the current team. It's important to us that you and the team have every opportunity to ask the questions needed to make sure the position is the right fit.

  • Does Oak Street Health interview via social media?

    No. Oak Street Health does not conduct any interviews or make offers of employment via social media platforms or any pay-for-service sites. If you are unsure about the legitimacy or authenticity of a web-based interview, contact us at [email protected].

  • Does Oak Street Health charge applicants employment fees?

    No. We absolutely never charge applicants fees for applying. If anyone represents themselves as a representative from Oak Street Health and tries to charge a fee when applying for a job at Oak Street Health, please contact us immediately at [email protected], and report the activity to your local authorities.

  • How soon will I know if a hiring decision has been made?

    Your recruiter can help you understand the specific timeline for the opening you've applied for. We understand that looking for a job can be a rigorous and sometimes exhausting process and it is our goal to update you as soon as possible to ensure that you are receiving timely feedback while we understand that you may also be interviewing elsewhere.

  • I have all of the qualifications listed, but I wasn't offered an interview. Why?

    We wish that we could speak with every candidate, but the number of highly qualified applicants for a role is often too high to allow for it.

  • If I'm turned down, will you provide me with feedback so that I can improve?

    We know that constructive criticism is really important for your career path, but because of the sheer volume of applications, it’s likely that you won’t receive personalized feedback.

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