GROW at Oak Street Health

At Oak Street Health, we are committed to creating the best team member experience in healthcare. We recognize the importance of personal and professional development for all of our Oakies. GROW is the training and development framework that is designed to provide education and tools to enhance every step in the development journey at Oak Street Health. It includes functional, leadership and development programs, and content that help you grow as we grow. 

Clinic Informatics Specialist/​Scribe Program

As a Clinic Informatics Specialist (CIS), you will be a vital member to an Oak Street Health care team. CISs undergo a robust training and onboarding process that equips them to accompany providers into patient exam rooms, record critical information and health history into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and learn the operational workflows that make an Oak Street Health center successful. Any CIS who commits to two-years at Oak Street Health will also have access to ongoing training and professional development programming.

Leadership Development Program

The Oak Street Health Leadership Development Program is an immersive experience in population health, general management, and leadership. It is designed to build skills to enable you to quickly become a leader at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery. 

You will be placed in a mission-critical role in a regional or Treehouse (HQ) team, based on your interests and career goals. You will build partnerships across teams and disciplines, and have unparalleled exposure to senior leadership.

At the end of a successful program, you will transition to a full-time role as a field operator or Treehouse leader.

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