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Whether you're looking to retire or to continue practicing with Oak Street Health, we offer a solution that provides your patients access to top-notch care. We provide older adults access to the highest standard of healthcare in community-based primary care centers.

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Why your patients will love Oak Street Health.

Our focus of preventative care means we go above and beyond to make sure you stay healthy and out of the hospital. That means we handle everything from medical, social, and even behavioral health in a safe and clean doctors office environment. Our primary care model connects patients to the right programs and resources for them. Making sure no one falls through the cracks. Other key benefits to patients:

  • 2x more time with patients over national average
  • 45% reduction in hospital visits
  • Same and next-day appointments frequently available
  • 247 Patient support line
  • Transportation to-and-from appointments for eligible patients

Why 95% of providers recommend Oak Street Health as a great place to work.

Trained scribes document appointments and take notes so you can focus on face-to-face conversations with patients.

Appointment times are longer. Panel sizes are smaller. You’re encouraged to see patients as frequently as you deem necessary.

Bonuses are based on patient outcomes and providing excellent care, not how many patients you see per day. Recipient of AMA Joy in Medicine Award.

What our patients say.

  • Irving • Irving, TX
    Patient Survey
    "I'm not a new kid on the block. I used to see the doctor up in Chicago b4 this location. I have been bragging about " OSH" since I have been seeing my new doctor here. ( in Irving Tx.)"
  • South Dekalb • Decatur, GA
    Patient Survey
    "From front desk to seeing the doctor, was a life changing experience which should have happened years ago. Loved it."
  • Hammond • Hammond, IN
    Patient Survey
    "I was very pleased with my visit everything was clearly explained to me time was taken."
  • Ashburn • Chicago, IL
    Patient Survey
    "Scheduling and vaccination visits were very efficient. Service was very professional. All Covid protocols were followed. Very safe environment."
  • LaSalle Park • South Bend, IN
    Patient Survey
    "Everyone was friendly and had a smile when they started a conversation! I would recommend the clinic to anyone who needs to see a doctor or needs to change where they have been going to."
  • Roosevelt • Philadelphia, PA
    Patient Survey
    "It is always wonderful. I get all my needs taken care off and all my questions answered. Yes I would recommend you."
  • Branch Ave • Providence, RI
    Patient Survey
    "I love Oak Street Health! My NP Chelsea McGovern is awesome! They take very good care of you. Everyone is so friendly and puts you at ease. My NP knows me as Brenda Bennett"
  • Walnut Hills • Dayton, OH
    Patient Survey
    "Everyone was very kind caring and helpful. The office was very clean and well staffed. My nurse practitioner Vera Arnold was very nice and cared to listen to me. I’m new to Oak Street and would definitely recommend them for family and friends health needs. thank you And God Bless our Health Care Workers Mike Garrett"
  • Cherry Hill • Dearborn Heights, MI
    Patient Survey
    "As always my visit was great, for a doctor's visit I'm always smiling because there isn't a depressed person in there, there are smiling when I walk in the doorand when I leave. Contiguous. I forget how much I hate going to the doctors."

Common questions

  • Who is a typical Oak Street Health patient?

    Oak Street Health is a network of primary care centers for Medicare-eligible patients. Most of our patients are 65 and older and roughly 40% of our patients are dual-eligibles (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid).

  • What kind of providers does Oak Street Health hire?

    Our team includes internists, family physicians, geriatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, podiatrists and behavioral health specialists.

  • How many patients do Oak Street Health providers see each day?

    On average, Oak Street Health providers see 15-18 patients per day. This compares to over 30 patients per day for the average primary care practice.

  • What would my day-to-day be like at Oak Street Health?

    You’ll work in a team-based environment. Typical teams include a physician and/or nurse practitioner supported by a licensed care social worker, nurse and medical assistant. A scribe with advanced training in population health and medical documentation supports providers during appointments. Transition nurses assist with hospitalized patients, and the Oak Street Health Chronic Care Team offers support for house calls and other services for our highest risk patients.

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